Master Mind Hypnotist MATAO prides himself not only on delivering a nonstop, action packed, crowd pleasing performance and stage show but he truly gets fired up about helping people. Yearly, MATAO helps thousands of people become ADULTS and NON SMOKERS! Because “Children Smoke – Adults Don’t Smoke!”

For years MATAO would cram in as many private hypnotherapy sessions as possible

between performances to help people one by one by one. But now, MATAO is taking his out of this world STOP SMOKING PROGRAM AND SEMINAR to a whole new level around the globe! MATAO’S style, presence, energy and knowledge is overwhelming and has him in high demand. Thousands of hours and dollars have been spent developing the perfect program, presentation and experience to help you! You will find your time with MATAO to be fun, relaxing, motivating and extremely beneficial for your mind, body and soul! Most importantly, it will deliver the results you are looking for! And to be sure,

MATAO has customized the perfect supplemental tools with his revolutionary self-help audio programs to ensure continued success for the rest of your life!

MATAO has had success with smokers of all ages. From the 81 year old smoker, smoking 3 packs a day since the age of 16, to the 12 year old child who just started smoking.

Here are some troubling worldwide facts: 

• Each day, over 1,000 youth between the ages of 11 and 17 start smoking. 75% of them will

smoke for the rest of their lives.

• Over the past 40 years there have been consistently over 1 billion smokers.

• Smoking kills 20 times more people than murder.

• Over 7 trillion cigarettes are produced each year. Enough for every man, woman and child on the

planet to have over 950 cigarettes each.

• A smoker dies every 7 seconds.

• One cigarette contains over 4,800 chemicals.

• The average cost of smoking per day, per pack, in

Canada is $15. Equating to approximately $450 a

month, $5,400 a year, $135,000 in

25 years at only a pack a day.


• Tired and embarrassed of standing outside in the rain, cold or wind for a puff?

• Sick of watching yourself smoke away your hard earned money?

• Do you want to taste your food or smell the roses?

• Do you want to breathe easier and not be out of breathe by taking the stairs?

• Don’t you want to live a longer, happier and definitely a healthier life?


Good, because the time is now to take control of your life!

Stop following and become the leader you are. Be the person to set the bar and be the example.

No one needs a cigarette to be cool, confident, successful, happy or stress free.  

Stop smoking! Become an adult and a non smoker today!

No gum, no patches, no electronic cigarettes or prescriptions needed!!

This seminar ranges from 2-3 hours depending on the size of the crowd. The time you spend with MATAO is like no other. This seminar is not like what you have seen, heard or experienced before! MATAO does not stand on stage and speak to the lights. No, he is personally involved with each and every guest to help ensure everyone achieves their goal!

“To truly have one of the best stop smoking programs across the globe it must not only deal with the principles of smoking but must give your subconscious the tools to help stay positive, focused, confident and prepared to manage the stress that comes with this challenge. YOU CAN DO IT!”